pinewood derby speed axles
pinewood derby speed axles with graphite
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pinewood derby bent camber canted axle

Fast Polished Pinewood Derby Speed Axles

Pinewood derby speed axles are far from the official pinewood derby axle that comes in the kit. It takes time and skill to turn remove those imperfections that come on the official axles into Fast Polished Pinewood Derby Speed Axles. There are many how-to’s and books that show you how to do it. It just takes time and practice. Let us take that headache away. We can do it right the first time and free up that extra time needed to spend making your car body and tuning. Visit our online store.

We have taken all the hassle out of figuring out this complicated process. Save time and money and check out our axle line. If you only have a few hours to dedicate to your derby build, think about maximizing that time and purchasing a set of prepped axles and wheel. Know that the job is done right. Our prepped axles have been deburred, shaped, straightened and sanded down to a 1000/2000 grit finish. From that point, each axle goes through a buffing process up to 60,000 grit. We use separate buffing wheels to ensure no cross contamination.

Pinewood Derby Speed Axles – Axle Polish Grit Level. Which is best for you?

For dry-lube users, we offer Fast Polished Pinewood Derby Speed Axles that have been polished to what we believe is the perfect level for dry lube. This is the easiest way to explain it. Take a pencil. Try to write on a surface that is super shiny. See how much (graphite) sticks to the metal. Now take the same pencil and write on a surface that is a little more coarse. See how the pencil (graphite) sticks. We started from the highest level of polish we offered (60,000 grit) and worked our way down. We found that 3000 grit is that level that offers maximum speed and maximum lube retention.  Although the higher grits “sound” faster, we find that after a few races, the deviation in time increases quickly and greatly.

Why is this an important thing to understand? Graphite such as Derby Dust™ Dry Lube is an effective lubricant due to its unique blends of plate like structures known as lamellae. These lamellas lay parallel to the direction of motion built during the “break in” process. The unique characteristics of Derby Dust™ Dry Lube allow the layers or lamellas to easily shear over each other resulting in low friction.

Basically explained. The coarse surface allows the graphite to stick or bond to the surface of the metal. From there, with proper break-in technique, layers of lube can be built on top of each other to ensure a friction-free surface. Check out the coefficient of friction of metal on plastic, then check out the coefficient of friction of graphite on graphite. See which is lower which means which is faster. Give yourself the best possible chance! Get the right lube for your build.

For oil lubed cars: We have found that higher the grit, the faster the car. This is why we offer 100,000 grit if you want it.  Don’t waste any more time that you have to. Order your Fast Polished Pinewood Derby Speed Axles NOW!

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