Tuning board can’t tell you if your wheel camber is stable at high speeds

pinewood derby bent camber canted axle

When you bent your axles did you gap your axle prior to bending? If not, it is quite possible your bend will begin somewhere inside your wheel hub which will cause all sorts of chattering and aligning issues.  No one addresses this important step.  And you will not be able to see if it is an issue until your car is at it top speed.  Unfortunately, a 6 foot tuning board can not show you this.  Only a full size level track or a treadmill can.

It is near impossible to tune 3 bent axles without a treadmill in a fair amount of time. You’ll drive yourself crazy. Find you a treadmill. Take it to 10 MPH and watch what is happening.

If you have to have 4 wheels touching- Set it up as a 3 wheel car at first, then watch this video.


With a 2.5 degree bend you have basically 30 degrees of rotation or less to get it to ride on the axle heads.  It’s just a really sharp bend.  It way faster than 1.5 degrees, but it is going to take a little time to get it right for the first time rail riders.   If you want to bend 4 axles, I like doing 3x 2.5 degree bends and 1x 1.5 degree bend  This gives you the option of having a 2.5 steer for super fast setup, or you can use standard 1.5 steer.  Which ever axle you don’t use, simply place on high side with the bend in the UP direction to maintain a high wheel.

You can bypass the rear bent axles with drilled axle holes at 3 degree camber with the fancy new drill station jigs.