Super Tuner Pinewood Derby Axle Upgrade

super tuner pinewood derby axle

Super Tuner™ Axles Upgrade

Tuning your car can be expensive on your pocket and on your axle polish job. Not a problem with our Super Tuner™ uprgade option. A simple cutout made on all 4 axle heads allows you make EZ fine tuning adjustment to each wheel without having to spend on $20 on a set of pliers that could damage your axle heads that you just got to a mirror polish. This is a must for those guys that plan on riding the rail or have to use BSA slots. Sure beats shimming with wax paper! Upgrade your axles to get the maximum possible performance for both speed and tuning!

FYI adding these slots to STRAIGHT axles offers ZERO ability to tune a car.  Straight axles do not tune.  They go with the flow.  Rotating the axle on its straight axis still yields a straight axle with no deviation in its axis.  You can ONLY tune BENT axles.  Rotating a bent axle yeilds a different result with each adjustment, slight as it may be.

Please check your pack rules prior to purchasing.  Although it does nothing to improve speed, some packs might not allow this upgrade since the head of the axle has been altered.

How does it work? Simply use a flathead screwdriver. Put a tuning mark on the head of the axle with a marker and start rotating your axle until your car is tuned to your desire.

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